Curriculum Vitae

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Title:  Director:  Production Company:  Position:
One Night in Istanbul  Jim Marquand  Stray Dogs Films Costume Designer
The Liability CraigViveiros Corona Pictures Costume Designer
Skeletons*  Nick Whitfield Forward films Costume Designer
Tormented  Jon Wright  Slingshot/Forward films  Costume Designer
Filth and Wisdom  Madonna  HSI  Costume Supervisor 
Son of Rambo  Garth Jennings  Hammer and Tongs  Costume Supervisor
Jab Tak Hai Jaan             Yash Chopra                           Production 45                                                  Costume Designer(London)

(*Skeletons - Winner: Best British Film at Edinburgh International Festival. Nominated for a Bafta and two Evening Standard Orange Film Awards)


Title: Director: Production company: Position:
Lust for Glorious  Peter Richardson Channel  4 /Tiger Aspect Costume Designer
Channel Izzard Claudia Lloyd Channel 4 / Tiger Aspect Costume Designer
London Calling Gabriel Beristien BBC/Salamander Films Costume Designer
The Equaliser BBC/Salamander Films Horace Ove Costume Designer


Product: Director: Production Company: Position:
McDonalds Tom Gravestock Th1ng Costume Designer 
Walkers Crisps Ulli Meyer Ullimation Costume Designer 
eBookers AlainZiv Picasso Pictures Costume Designer 
Coca Cola Arthur Cox Th1ng Costume Designer 
Cheerios Ulli Mayer Ullimation Costume Designer


Artist: Director: Production Company: Position:

Stereophonics DuncanTelford Pig Productions Costume Designer 
Dario G feat David Bowie Graham Fink Paul Weilland Film Co Costume Designer 
Ash Julian Barton Lucid Films Costume Designer
Morcheeba Graham Fink Daylight Films Costume Designer
Bucketheads Guy Ritchie Pig Productions Costume Designer 


Subject: Client: Photographer: Position:
Eddie Izzard Time Out Andrew Hobbs Stylist
Burberry Mens Health Ronald Diltoer Stylist
Philishave Mens Health Candice Farmer Stylist Budweiser Mens Health Ronald Diltoer Stylist
Eddie Izzard Elle Lorenzo Aguis Stylist
Loreal Hello Ian Phillips Maclaren Stylist
Eddie Izzard US Tour PBJ Management Zanna Stylist
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